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Garage doors are one of the most neglected fittings in a house. We often neglect minor issues with garage doors such as noises that come from them at the time of opening or closing them, the uneven movement of garage doors, and many more. Unfortunately, we pay no attention to them unless a major problem occurs. A lot of times it is also very difficult to determine the wear and tear the internal garage door parts have gone through. One such part is garages door spring. At Garage Door Services, Garland, Texas we specialize in fixing issues with all types of garage door springs, be it a torsion spring that are attached just above the closed garage door, or an extension spring that is located above the upper tracks on both sides.

Why choose a Professional for Garage Door Spring Repair?

There are several reasons why we recommend customers to go for professional help rather than doing it themselves using the DIY kit. In fact even the most competent Dyers know that repairing a garage door spring is a chore best left to the pros. Reason being that garage doors are tightly wound which means they are under a lot of tension and in case the spring breaks and the door snaps, then garage doors being extremely heavy can cause serious injuries to the person repairing it or to the bystanders.

Why go for regular Garage Door Spring Repair services?

Regular maintenance can prolong the life of your door, and therefore, your garage door should be serviced yearly unless you are experiencing a specific problem. A yearly check-up on your door should include lubricating the springs, rollers, hinges, door, pulleys and bearings. It would also include testing the safety features of your garage door opener, adjusting the spring tension, and inspecting the hinges, cables, garage door spring replacement cost and rollers for defects due to operational wear and tear. Lastly, all screws and bolts would be tightened. Regular servicing will not only prolong the life of your garage door but it also reduces the probability of a sudden breakdown.

Types of Garage Door Springs

Here are the two types of Garage Door springs that you must know about before you go ahead installing a new one or request for repair garage door springs the one already installed in your house.

Extension Springs Repair/Replacement

They are located above the upper tracks of a garage door and can be found in a lot of residences these days. When the garage door is opened, these springs extend properly. They provide counterbalancing force to support the garage door extension springs also to repair garage door springs if needed it also provide garage door extension spring replacement, garage door spring adjustment. It is preferred by many people as is very durable for long period of time along with the garage door spring replacement cost.

Torsion Springs Repair/Replacement

Another most used type of garage door springs that is used with most of the newer multiple panel garage doors is the Torsion spring. It is used to hold the majority of the door’s weight as it lifts up and down. Torsion springs use the torque to open garage doors and are usually attached above the garage opening if it not working well it is being resolved by the garage door torsion spring replacement by as per required cost of Replacing or adjusting garage door springs properly by the company. There are a lot of brands that manufacture garage door torsion springs, including Wayne Dalton’s, Torque Masters, steel rolling doors, and also EZ-sets.

Why Choose Garage Door Services?

At Garage Door Services we provide garage door spring repair tips best in class service to our clients along with a wide range of commercial and residential garage door styles and designs to choose from. The replace garage door springs we sell carry a lifetime warranty on them.

We take pride in our team of experienced technicians who have the knowledge and skill required to resolve (without having to replace) even the most complex issue that other companies may not be able to fix at a reasonable garage door spring repair cost.

This is not all. We are also one of the most affordable garage door repair service providers in the city of Garland, Texas.

Our service delivery commitment

We operate 24/7, 365 days a year. Our customers need not worry about paying extra on holidays and weekends as our charges are fixed irrespective of the day and time, you book an appointment for. We have a 3 hour window within which a technician will call you to confirm your appointment and visit you as scheduled. In case of any emergency you may call us on our toll free emergency number and we will fix any problem related to garage door spring issue, garage door extension springs issue, garage door torsion spring replacement, Replacing or adjusting garage door springs properly, garage door extension spring replacement with the required garage door spring repair cost along with the garage door spring repair tips and replace garage door spring problem you may be facing at the earliest.

Call us today for 100% Customer Satisfaction

We value our customers and are committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction to all our customers. Our technicians are experts who will not only fix any issue you may be facing with your garage door spring, garage door spring adjustment but will also make sure that all the mess that is created at the time of repair is cleaned up before they leave your place.